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Textures: The Ty-el’s UI

Textures: The Ty-el’s UI



The Ty-el’s UI textures offer their own look at how the interface should look in Minecraft. The build will affect almost all menu items: inventory, settings screens, servers, and others. This will make the gameplay a little better, as there will be convenient functions, comfortable character management and easy access to quick settings. The add-on can be combined with any other, except those that change the interface.

Please note that you need to set the classic interface in the game settings so that the addon works better.

Start screen

  • Changed the position of objects

Settings Menu

  • Improved switches

Quick Settings Menu

  • There is a ≡ button in the settings for quick settings: camera view, brightness, etc.

The Worlds Selection Screen

  • Changed the design
  • You can select previous worlds
  • You can search for worlds

Player Screen

  • Added compass and clock
  • Added a HUD button for quickly hiding inventory without entering the settings
  • Added arrows for the quick access menu
  • The experience bar is visible even in creative mode
  • Chat got animation
  • The names have been optimized for better display

User Inventory

  • Added buttons for dropping or removing items in creative mode
  • To delete items, you need to press the trash bin buttons (x1 deletes one item, and all deletes all items)
  • Similarly, you can throw objects using the arrows
  • Added a quick crafting button
  • Changed the position of the recipe menu button

Chest Inventory

  • Added a button for quick collection of things
  • Added a player model

Chat Screen

  • Added buttons for quick input of previous commands

Pause Screen

Exit screen from the game

Other screens

Changes in the new version

  • Great compatibility with other add-ons
  • Returned some functions
  • Added new features
  • Lots of changes
  • Fixed bugs

Download textures The Ty-el's UI (.mcpack)


[783.39 Kb]

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