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Create Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Create Mod for Minecraft PE on Android and add to your game blocks, mechanisms and items ported straight from Create for Minecraft Java edition. The author has tried to maintain the appearance and functionality, so that you can easily start creating production chains.

  • Hand Crank (Hand Crank): pressing rotation to the right, pressing sitting rotation to the left.
  • Shaft: Transmits rotation to other units.
  • Gearbox: Transmits rotation to different axes.
  • Cogwheel: works as an axis and can also transmit lateral rotation.
  • Mechanical Belt: transports objects.
  • Gearshift: Switches the direction of rotation.
  • Mechanical Mixer/ Basin
  • Mechanical Press Depot
  • Mechanical Saw Mechanical Drill: Drill breaks blocks other than stone and obsidian, saw breaks blocks of wood.
  • Redstone Link: wireless signal transmission.
  • Water Wheel: works if there is water underneath. Creates rotational force.
  • Furnace Generator: Runs on coal. Creates rotational force.
  • Mechanical Piston: long piston
  • Chute: throws items out of a chest.
  • Pulse Adjustable Repeater: Repeater.
  • Seats: can be sat on, 16 colors available.

Download Create Mod

  • 1.19+

[2.06 MB]

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