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Download Jenny mod for Minecraft PE on Android and find a new fortress in the world, interact with an adult girl.

Who is Jenny in Minecraft PE?

Jenny Mod is an unusual modification that was previously available only on the PC version of the game.Due to the fact that the addon had complex mechanics, to implement which for pocket editions was simply impossible.

However, with the release of the latest update mod migrated and in the mobile sandbox, where there is now its provocative inhabitant.

Mod on Jenny for Minecraft PE adds to the map an adult girl, who in addition to the distinctive AI has its own emotions.

Interacting with the character you can notice that the mood of the heroine changes depending on the actions of the player.

At times Jenny will be dissatisfied, but in other cases the NPS expresses obvious interest and flirtatiousness.

You can try to unlock new actions related to your friend. In Minecraft PE, the mob is most often inactive, and its bold actions begin to appear only after additional payment.

Give Jenny diamonds, or other valuables, so that in the game there are more opportunities.


Just like the inhabitants, in Minecraft PE Jenny has his own dwelling.

This structure is generated randomly in the world. Since the developers did not provide for the spavn of the character on a specific location.

Externally, the house is very similar to a church and has several floors in height. Inside the dwelling there is a lever, which and calls the girl to the site.

It is quite interesting that in the modification you can call countless heroines, endlessly activating the lever in Minecraft PE.

Jenny will follow you everywhere until you offer her some kind of gift. After that, the mob will start to act, showing new emotions and events.


The mod has one distinctive feature – it is the appearance of the current character.

Most heroes in Minecraft PE have a flat model, because of what all NPS look identical.

However, the developers of Jenny tried to add the heroine realistic forms. Thanks to what the girl stands out so much on the cubic site.


Jenny Mod - Mod file

  • 1.17.0 – 1.20.32

[7 Mb]

Jenny Mod - Texture

  • 1.17.0 – 1.20.32

[9 Mb]

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