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Jenny Mod 2 – Remake



Download the Jenny 2 Mod for Minecraft for Android: become the most advanced suitor on the server and find new relationships! Since the release of the first version of the add-on, quite some time has passed. The author of the Jenny 2 mod for Minecraft PE has taken into account many mistakes and requests from other players and co-authors. Now the modification features many more girls, and accordingly, more content. Thanks to this, Minecraft PE players with the Jenny 2 mod will have a much better time.


First, the Minecraft PE player needs to meet the girls. Fortunately for Steve, there are five of them in the Jenny 2 mod:

  1. Jenny;
  2. Luna;
  3. Bia;
  4. Slime;
  5. Ellie.

They can be summoned using spawn eggs. Thus, Steve can develop five full-fledged branches of relationships. Each of the girls can offer the main character a special kind of romantic relationship. Nevertheless, the approach to each of them is absolutely different.

The girls from the Jenny 2 mod can talk.


It’s worth noting that one of the most interesting ladies in the Jenny 2 mod is Slime. She has a unique mechanic. If the main character splits her with his sword, she, like her monster counterpart, will divide into two parts. Thus, the main character can have several girlfriends at once, which is undoubtedly a big advantage in Minecraft PE. Sometimes the effect does not work.


As mentioned earlier, in the Jenny 2 mod, each of the girls requires special courtship. And if Ellie will be happy with a simple flower, Bia, being a forest guardian, will condemn the Minecraft PE player for such a gift. It is also worth noting that the ladies will not fight with the main character but will simply leave him, which will undoubtedly upset Steve.


One of the main features of the Jenny 2 mod is that the girls now look much better. The author has worked on the polygons thoroughly, making all the ladies look very realistic and complement the overall picture of the game. This will allow Steve to immerse himself more in the gameplay.


Jenny Mod 2 - Mod


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Jenny Mod 2 - Texture


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