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Textures: FuseRealism

Textures: FuseRealism



FuseRealism textures are created for those who are fans of realistic style in the game. The author decided to develop high-resolution textures (more than a hundred textures). Each texture received a resolution of 256×256 pixels.

New textures include:

  • Tree trunks, including tops
  • Updated view of grass, snow and mud
  • Plants and leaves
  • New Grass color
  • Ambient sounds of nature
  • Colored glasses

Make sure the sound is turned on to hear the surrounding sounds of nature. It is recommended to use shaders together with textures for the full effect of realism.

Added a lot of blocks of the Lower World: quartz, hellstone and much more.

Added types of armor.

A new type of seedlings.

Changes in the new version

  • Added many blocks of the Lower World
  • Added armor
  • Seedlings added
  • Fixed bugs

Download FuseRealism textures (.zip)


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