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Textures: DIG

Textures: DIG



Ray tracing in Minecraft PE is not an inexpensive pleasure at all, but a very real opportunity to get improved graphics. For example, using DIG textures. This resource package extends ray tracing capabilities to absolute limits, updating the detail to high resolution.

This build uses the new ray tracing features of the Renderdragon engine to represent what a blocky world might look like. The add-on will work with any world and will replace almost every block with an HD analog. The tracing function allows light to be reflected and scattered from surfaces depending on their roughness and unevenness. Take a look at what awaits you when installing the build in the screenshots below.

The most ordinary forest will become a magical place. Please note that the following is presented .the mcaddon file, although for textures is usually used .mcpack. This is due to the fact that the assembly not only improves the design, but also adds its own blocks that will replace the existing ones.

Three types of tile blocks, painted exclusively by light passing through glass blocks. The tile blocks themselves have shades of white, gray and black, only light gives them a new color.

View of the Trenton City building in daylight and at midnight.

View of the stadium.

Views from the mall.

Another building of the city.

The glowing stone is perfect for parking.

A small window makes the rays penetrate into the room with a clear display. Decorative leaves are also presented in the assembly.

The cottage is next to a palm tree, which is also part of the addition.

Dining room for family gatherings.

A lonely tree, behind which the sun disappeared.

The file below provides a resource package and a behavior package that add additional blocks and fog. The feature will allow effects such as light rays to appear in certain biomes. Some of the blocks are available in the creative inventory, and the other is available using the /give command.

Ray tracing functions will only work if your hardware supports real-time ray tracing (RTX or DXR-Capable). The build is in beta, so updates are possible.



Download textures: DIG


[175 Mb]

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