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Textures: Cuter Vanilla Animals

Textures: Cuter Vanilla Animals



If you don’t like the standard mob models as much as the author of the textures of Cutter Vanilla Animals, then you’ve come to the right place. The addition offers to change the models of most friendly mobs in Minecraft. All other functions related to mobs will remain: the player will also be able to interact with animals, feed, love, tame, and so on. In addition, achievements will also be preserved, which are often deleted when adding additions. It is quite possible that you will not like some of the mob models, then a simple solution is available. Everyone will be able to choose the necessary mob models and install them separately. Below is a list of mobs whose models can be replaced individually:

  • Cats – link
  • Sheep – link
  • Chickens – link


  • Improved animal faces
  • Realistic ears
  • New wool colors
  • Improved fur
  • Added a new animation when attacking llamas
  • Added a ponytail
  • The kids are now tall and thin, like real llamas


  • Brand new models
  • A new tail for donkeys and mules
  • Trunks for donkeys and mules have been replaced with new ones
  • A new model of a skeleton and a zombie horse has been created
  • A new color of creatures
  • The saddle and bridle are textured, a seat blanket is added


  • The mob model has been changed
  • Changed beak, legs and tail
  • Texture changed
  • Changed the dance animation, which is based on real bird dances
  • Bird models are modified so that they look like in real nature:
  • The red parrot will become a pink aura
  • The blue parrot will become a hyacinth aura
  • The turquoise parrot will become a blue-yellow aura
  • The grey parrot will become a corella

Wolves and dogs

  • Realistic ears, jaw, teeth and tongue
  • The angle of the hind legs has become more realistic
  • Changed the distance between the legs
  • Voluminous collar with a medallion
  • Updated animation


  • Realistic appearance
  • More sweetness
  • Updated model of polar foxes: in real life, this type of fox is much smaller than its relatives from the taiga
  • Updated textures, nose, legs, tail and face
  • In a dream, mobs will press their ears
  • Updated animation


  • Updated appearance
  • Mobs got a beak, a crest, wings and a tail

Cows and mushroom cows

  • Updated view of horns
  • The cow model is taken from a real breed
  • Updated view of mushroom cows
  • Mobs got a nose, ears and tail


  • Updated appearance
  • Updated texture for shorn sheep
  • Updated view of mushroom cows
  • Mobs got a nose, ears, tail and face


  • Updated textures
  • Modified mob size
  • Mobs got a nose, ears and tail


  • Updated tail view
  • Changed the color of cats’ eyes
  • Changed the color of mobs
  • Mobs got ears, whiskers and paws


  • Updated appearance of the ears
  • Changed the color of mobs

Changes in the new version

  • Added llamas
  • Horses added
  • Changed cats
  • Changed pigs

Download textures Cuter Vanilla Animals (.mcpack)


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