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Seed: Snow village near spawn ravine near village



With this sid, you can easily and quickly start a comfortable survival in your favorite game. Here, players will quickly get to many villages, visit ravines with diamonds, and also taste the delicious honey of cubic bees. There are four villages available in total, which are located next to spawn.

The spawn is located next to the trees, as shown in the screenshot below.

The first snow village is located next to a deep gorge.

Diamond ore is hidden in the gorge – don’t forget to get it.

If you want to visit the dungeon, then look for these coordinates – the structure is located right in the gorge.

The next snow village is located at the point: 1851, 64,451.

Almost forgot about the hive – turn right from spawn to get valuable honey.

Another village is available at coordinates 1782, 71, -293.

To the left of the spawn is a tundra forest. After passing through it, you can get to the village and find the treasure at point 2248, 58,-56.

SEED: 842409275

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