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True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft PE

True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft PE



After installing the True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse mod, you will wake up in the Minecraft world, which has been captured by the undead. Take a walk and explore a new universe, but how long can you survive?


A deadly virus has penetrated the blocky world. Some mobs died instantly (creepers, skeletons), and all the rest became undead. Now every entity will become a zombie. Mobs will differ in characteristics and appearance. But regardless, you should hide from each of them.

There are also survivors like you around the world. They will fight zombies and zombies will attack them. In a safe area, you can bargain with them, but always be on your guard. The virus is in the air, so an NPC can turn into a zombie at any moment.


After death, zombies will become dead zombies. Then they will begin to decompose in three stages. The first stage lasts only 20 seconds. During this time, you can get organs with a cutting knife.

The second stage also lasts 20 seconds. Then you can get even more organs.

In the third stage, the zombie will become a skeleton for 20 seconds. At this point, you can get infected bones with a cleaver until the corpse disappears. Also at this stage, the corpse will burn in the sun.

The antidote

If you are lucky, you can get the Heart of zombies from their bodies. Then you can prepare a vaccine. Empty vessels are purchased from a scientist. They can be filled with blood from the Heart of a zombie according to the recipe below.

Then an antidote is purchased from a scientist and mixed with zombie blood to obtain an Antidote.

Next, everything is put in a Potion Mixer (can be found in medical chests).

Everything will be ready in 20 seconds.

Ready-made antidote can be given to NPCs or animals for the construction of a full-fledged farm. Now mobs won’t get infected. If Tobleron (chocolate) is applied to NPCs, they will give birth to a child with immunity to the virus.

People with immunity

  • After vaccinating the inhabitants, they can be multiplied so that people with innate immunity appear
  • Such people do not get infected and are not even attacked by Zombies
  • A child with immunity needs to be fed formula milk, and after growing up — pizza
  • After growing up, you can give the child clothes so that he gets a profession
  • There are 8 professions available

Types of zombies

Other types of zombies

  • Zombie Miner: spawns in caves
  • Water zombie: spawns in oceans and rivers
  • Burnt Zombie: Spawns in the Lower World
  • Zombie Firefighters: Spawn in the Lower World



  • Attacks zombies with an empty flask
  • Can be vaccinated and propagated
  • Reproduces only with the same mobs
  • You can bargain
  • Follows the player while holding the Tobleron chocolate

Katan Seller

  • Attacks zombies with a purple katana
  • Can be vaccinated and propagated
  • Reproduces only with the same mobs
  • You can bargain
  • Follows the player while holding the Tobleron chocolate

The Old Hobo

  • Attacks zombies with a jar of beans
  • Can be vaccinated and propagated
  • Reproduces only with the same mobs
  • You can bargain
  • Follows the player while holding the Tobleron chocolate


All familiar weapons are available, as well as new ones.

Sulfur ore

Potassium nitrate ore

coal powder

Pure gunpowder

Blacksmith’s table

  • It is used for crafting stores

Molten copper

Shop for Baretta 92FS, Glock17, Glock19, MAC11, Micro Ultrasound

Shop for SCAR H, M416

Shop for AVM, M3

Shop for DBS

Baretta 92FS




Micro ultrasound

Micro ultrasound with silencer

Scar H (black)

SCAR H (Sand)





Sentry turret

  • Installed motionless
  • Shoots at enemies
  • Needs to be loaded with ammo
  • Shoots 10 minutes
  • 10 seconds before the end of shooting, an empty magazine will drop out, which can be reloaded

Rocket launcher

  • The rarest gun
  • Summons a supply drop
  • Use the crowbar to get the cargo
  • Zombies will reach for the falling weight


  • Several types are available


  • Several types available

Melee weapon

Land mines

  • Explode when a mob gets within one block


Smoke grenade

Flash grenade


  • Inflicts regeneration for 5 seconds


  • Clears effects


  • Inflict Strength, Speed, and Jump Boost for 15 seconds

First aid bag

  • Applies 20 seconds of Regeneration and Slow


First aid kit

  • Inflicts 40 seconds of Regeneration and Slow


  • Can be obtained from garbage bags
  • Puppy can be transported in the front basket
  • Spare parts can be smelted for iron


  • Collect all newspapers
  • 8 types of newspapers available
  • Newsstand can be used for accommodation


  • Simple collectibles

Barbed wire

  • Kills zombies that pass through it


Food will not fall out of ordinary animals. Instead, you will have to collect food from different structures. You can also fish to get canned food.

Underwater breathing device

  • Can be found in the chests of structures
  • Give underwater breathing
  • They break quickly when taking damage

Walmart Shopping Bag

Sit down and interact to get the products


  • A great way to get food

Canned food in a bowl

  • You can put canned food in a bowl to warm up and get more saturation
  • Canned food after eating can be folded: 9 units of canned food will give 1 iron nugget

Cooking noodles

  • If you combine a bottle of water with noodles and warm it up, the doshirak will taste better


  • Now you have to watch your Thirst
  • It is possible to replenish hunger with most types of liquids
  • It is recommended to use a flask with water, which can be replenished in any river

Limb breakage

  • Now, when taking damage from a fall, the player will also break his leg
  • At the same time, a slowdown of 30 seconds is imposed
  • For treatment, you can use a leg splint
  • Clean rags are used for crafting
  • Dirty rags can be cleaned in water

Different boxes

  • In the game there will be a variety of boxes with valuable things

Night Vision goggles

  • Rarely falls from Tactical Zombies
  • Gives night vision effect

Scuba Diving Mask

  • Rarely falls from Underwater zombies
  • Gives the effect of underwater breathing

Protective helmet

  • Rarely falls out with Zombie scientists
  • Removes all effects when wearing

Blood Moon

  • During such a Moon, each leader will summon 10 runners

Screen of Death


  • Covers the entire space and hides monsters

Changes in the new version

  • Added boxes with things
  • Added a foot splint
  • Added limb breakage
  • Added thirst and a flask of water
  • Changed the immunity of villagers
  • Fixed bugs
  • Lots of small updates

Download mod True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse (.mcpack)


[684.11 Kb]

Download textures for True Survival mod - Zombie Apocalypse (.mcpack)


[7.25 Mb]

Download mod True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse (structures) (.mcpack)


[167.52 Kb]

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