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Mod: Morningstar War

Mod: Morningstar War



The Morningstar War mod includes military technology in Minecraft, which was used by military forces in the 2000s. The supplement contains many types of transport for quickly overcoming long distances, as well as weapons for neutralizing targets. The weapon is made in three-dimensional form. The addon is in beta mode, so there will be even more new features and cool things in the future.


  • Textured tools and equipment
  • There is no magazine to recharge
  • Small weight of the supplement
  • Description of the weapon in the menu
  • The range of the sound of the shot depends on the distance and type of weapon used
  • All guns have animation buttons for stealing, reloading, shooting and running
  • Stable multiplayer support
  • Realistic rate of fire of weapons

Soviet arsenal

  • AK-47
  • Aks74u
  • PKK
  • Mosin Nagan
  • PP90
  • Fedorov Avtomat
  • Dragunov SVD
  • DP27
  • RPG7
  • APS

NATO arsenal

  • M16
  • M1014
  • G3
  • MG3
  • M24
  • M1911
  • Colt light machine gun

Remote bomb

  • To undermine you need to use a detonator
  • You can defuse the bomb with the appropriate item


  • F4 Phantom
  • MiG 21
  • To control the aircraft, you need to hold the joystick
  • To shoot rockets or drop bombs, you need to eat the corresponding items
  • For firing from a 30-mm cannon in the MiG 21, ammunition is required
  • F4 Phantom needs two people to launch rockets or bombs


  • M939
  • BTR 80
  • speed boat
  • Land Rover
  • Hammer
  • Shooting requires two players

Death match mode

  • Load deathmatch_setup in a block
  • Place a blue and red block at the spawn points of the two teams
  • Click the Scoreboard Setup button

Weapon stats

  • Fire rate – rate of fire
  • Weight – mass
  • Capacity – capacity
  • Damage – damage
  • Random Accuracy
  • Effective range – working radius

Hiding names

  • /function disablenames – Hides names
  • /function enablenames – show names

Other information

  • How to recharge? – make sure that the weapon has stopped firing and take the necessary magazine into inventory
  • Joystick required for flying
  • Sometimes there may be errors during the flight
  • Sometimes you can not see objects behind the glass due to game updates

Changes in the new version

  • Added weapons
  • Removed weapons
  • Changed textures
  • Added armor
  • Fixed bugs
  • Removed the old interface
  • Improved sounds

Download the mod Morningstar War (.mcaddon)


[5.12 Mb]

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