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Minecraft PE 1.14.1

Minecraft PE 1.14.1

Release version MCPE 1.14.1 for Android. Get it for free



Download Minecraft PE 1.14.1 for Android: use the honey bottle to produce by-products, meet bees and study their behaviour.

What interesting things have appeared in Minecraft PE 1.14.1?

The Minecraft 1.14.1 update continues to improve the mechanics added in the bee add-on.

In addition, several significant fixes are observed in the release. Therefore, it is worth highlighting the main ones:

  • improved performance in those areas where there is a large concentration of players;
  • removed the defect with achievements, previously achivki were not displayed;
  • corrected the behaviour model of bees, now the mobs have an aggressive attitude;
  • fixed bugs in the character editor with incorrect display of items;
  • there are no more comments in the in-game shop.

Bottle of honey

In Minecraft PE 1.14.1, the honey bottle has many practical uses. For example, the object is convenient to use for sugar and sweet products.

It is also worth noting and healing properties of the added liquid. The bottle restores up to six units of hunger, while restoring the lost XP of the player.

The recipe for the object can be as follows: combine one block of honey and 4 empty flasks.


Bees are now found in all warm biomes, most often in forests. You can recognise their exact location either by their characteristic buzzing or by their nests.

By the way, in Minecraft 1.14.1 mobs have two moods: normal and aggressive.

In the second case, the characters immediately try to attack the user, not giving a chance to attack and escape.

A misunderstanding between the NPC and the protagonist can arise because of sloppy interaction with small bees.


Sots are an incredibly useful item that in Minecraft PE 1.14.1 are used to produce new items.

These include: sticky blocks of honey, a bottle with identical content, and nests of bees.

Extract honeycomb from bees’ nests, which are located at the top of trees. Use a pair of scissors for this task.

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