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Maps: SCP – Operation Praetereo

Maps: SCP – Operation Praetereo



On the SCP: Operation Praetereo map, users will become members of the task force that was assigned the task of neutralizing SCP-682. This is an extremely difficult task, which will be extremely difficult to cope with. Therefore, it is you who should lead the team and go on a quest in Minecraft Bedrock. Invite your friends and fight alone. Take on an amazing 3D weapon with unprecedented game mechanics and plunge into an exciting world of horror. Test yourself and your friends in the various modes that are available in this build.

To complete the mission, you will have to enter zone 68. Try to make the most of all the equipment that you can get – this is what will help you deal with all the enemies and get to the end. Tasks can be repeated: this is necessary in order to upgrade or unlock certain types of equipment.

The add-on should work even with 30 players at the same time, according to the author’s calculations. In addition, the developer has also added custom music, which changes depending on what is happening.


  • Normal – standard, in which to neutralize SCP-682
  • All against all – fight your friends to the death
  • The boost totem is the same as the normal one, except that there is a boost totem that makes enemies stronger and faster
  • Nightmarish – SCP-682 has a billion health, cannot be stunned, is always enhanced and takes only half the damage
  • Classic waves of monsters – you need to reflect 10 waves of monsters. With each wave, access to more powerful weapons opens up
  • Endless waves of monsters – you need to reflect the waves until you die
  • The destructive wave is just one, but an extremely powerful wave of monsters


Here you have to destroy the mob. Collect ammunition, destroy tentacles and growths. The faster you complete the mission, the more rewards you will receive. Also, the reward depends on the level. The map is extremely dark, so be careful.

All against all

Fight your friends to the death. The winner is only the one who will be the first to commit 20 murders. There is no experience here, but you can get it with the help of the extraction of tentacles and sprouts. Occasionally, when killing, ammunition for the NG-L7 rocket launcher will drop out.

Gain Totem

The same task as in normal mode, but with a higher level of complexity. Completing the mission will give a significant increase in experience. Totem makes enemies faster and stronger.

Waves of monsters

An exciting and dynamic mode with dozens of mobs.

  • Completing level 3 unlocks the Praedo
  • Completing level 5 unlocks Praetereo
  • Completing level 10 unlocks a cheat for endless gear

Lobby, unlock and upgrade system

In the main lobby there is a training location with explanations, but most likely they are in English. There is also a secret weapon hidden here, so explore deeper. The assembly offers its own system of stores, and experience is used as a currency. Use experience levels to unlock or upgrade equipment.

Weapons and enemies

The enemies are extremely strong, but the weapons are also enhanced to help deal with them. There are 7 types of weapons available:

  • Crasher: Charged Attack
  • MRX-15: Night vision sight
  • XR-A5: Enemies have a chance to drop ammo when hit
  • Project-80: Queue fire
  • NG-L7: ~x2 damage and stuns SCP-682 for 5 seconds when hit while charging
  • Praetereo – allows you to cling to walls or enemies
  • Praedo is a machine gun that deals a lot of damage per second

Enemy creatures:

  • Lungs – crocodile, chicken
  • Heavy – brutus, payne
  • Heavyweights – Superbrute, devastator
  • Ultra-heavy – Summoner

Master Mode

If you’ve already discovered everything you could and don’t want to start over, then use this mode. In the wizard mode, everything is unlocked from the very beginning.


Changes in the new version

  • Compatible with 1.19+
  • Changed the blocks
  • Improved modes
  • Fixed bugs
  • Removed some elements
  • Added new features

Download the map SCP: Operation Praetereo (.mcworld)


    [29.94 Mb]

    Download the map SCP: Operation Praetereo (wizard mode) (.mcworld)


      [29.99 Mb]

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