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Maps: Hello, Neighbor

Maps: Hello, Neighbor



Mr. Peterson’s neighbor looks like an extremely suspicious old man. Often neighbors hear the screams of children, grumbling and growling, which frighten not only children, but also adults. The player’s task is to check and find out what such a creepy old man is doing. The Hello, Neighbor map is a prototype of the popular Hello, Neighbor game in Minecraft Bedrock.

One of the players will become a neighbor – Mr. Peterson and will chase other users. Other players will try to dispel the secrets of the old man.


  • Invite your friends to the game
  • Choose your role by clicking the buttons in the lobby
  • Have fun!

If you play as a survivor, then your task is to go to the basement. If you got the role of a neighbor, then do not let other players get to the basement. Players will have to go to the toilet to get rid of the poison and eat in order not to die of hunger.

Future plans:

  • Create Textures
  • Improve the plot
  • Upgrade the basement
  • Organize PVE mode
  • Equip the remaining floors of the house


Download maps Hello, Neighbor (.mcworld)


[1012.33 Kb]

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