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Infinity Gauntlet Addon for Minecraft PE

Infinity Gauntlet Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Infinity Gauntlet Addon for Minecraft PE on Android and interact with the world the way you want. But first you need to collect all the infinity stones, and then you will be able to control mobs, landscape and anything you want.

Infinity Gauntlet Mod Feature

If you know Thanos, then you probably know about the infinity gauntlet. You can call your friends into your world, and together with them destroy it with the Infinity Glove.

About the Gauntlet

The glove will be accompanied by beautiful particles, effects and animations in Minecraft PE (Bedrock). In order to choose the stone you will want to interact with the world with, just sit down and you will choose. And by holding across the screen, you will activate the infinity stone.

Infinity Stones

These can only be interacted with when they are worn on a glove. To make infinity stones, you will have to find their shards in the caves, somewhere at level y=9. After that you can create the stone itself with a diamond.


Download Infinity Gauntlet Addon

  • 1.17 - 1.17.30

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