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Buildings: Dragon Statue



Description of the building

Do you want to decorate your Minecraft game world, but you don’t know what and how? Not enough time to come up with everything and laziness? Then this building is for you!

The 41 meter high dragon statue will be a cool addition to any game world. From afar it seems that this is a real dragon, but up close you are surprised by the size of the building. The author spent a lot of time detailing the statue, so it turned out to be of high quality.

Under the statue itself there is a playground where players can place utility rooms, portals to hell and everything that comes to mind.

Supported version: Maps for Java 1.12.2+, Bedrock 1.14.1+

Download the diagram dragon-statue.schematic


    [7.27 Kb]

    Download the map Java


      [2.26 Mb]

      Download the map Bedrock dragon-statue.mcworld


        [29.9 Mb]

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