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Aether Dragon Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Aether Dragon Addon for Minecraft PE on Android and add to the game a very strong Aether Dragon mob, which you will have to fight, and after victory he will become your pet. Prepare thoroughly for the battle with him, as it is a very strong creature that will attack you with ice balls, each of which causes a large amount of damage.After the victory, the Aether Dragon will appear, which can be tamed with the help of golden apples.

After you feed him with golden apples, he will become your most loyal pet and will protect you even at the cost of his life. You will be able to put on him a sidelo and install a chest, after that to explore the game world will be much more interesting, grove and safer. As you might have already guessed, the dragon can fly, so any obstacle for you ceases to be so.

After taming, dragons will not disappear and you can fight with them, after each killed dragon will appear his scales that can be used to craft weapons and armor, which you will be very useful.


Download Aether Dragon Addon

  • 1.13 - 1.16+

[1.77 MB]

Supported versions
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