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Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE on Android, create your own family in the pixelated world, set the right settings.

Mod Comes Alive for Minecraft PE: Smart residents

Very interesting, then the add-on takes into account all the requirements and preferences of the user. At the beginning of the installation of the mod, you can even set all the necessary parameters: gender, specific attraction, with whom to create a family unit, etc. Mod allows you to recreate in Minecraft PE a separate universe, where each resident can now function as a full-fledged cell of society.

Agree, it is much more interesting to play when the settlers can respond and interact with the player, and not just make sounds. Each village will now have its own stories, communities, families. That is, everything that can create a simulation of real life in Minecraft PE. It is quite remarkable that the player will be able to make not only relationships, but also friends, buddies, even enemies! Such realism in the Sandbox has certainly not been seen before.

New opportunities

Mod Comes alive opens the player a lot of new opportunities related to the inhabitants and the village. Initially, the player finds himself in a normal world. It is strongly advised to make sure that the game began in survival. In the creative mode, all the features of the modification are simply lost. Next, create a table for enchanting. In Minecraft PE, this block received a different use. Now with the help of the machine Steve will set all his preferences and desires regarding the game. To begin with, you need to specify your gender, attraction, with whom it is possible to create a family. Very cool that the developers left the possibility to choose two options at once.


Quickly go to the nearest village in Minecraft PE! All the residents there have been greatly transformed, and the strategy of interaction with them has changed a lot. The most noticeable change that adds mod Comes alive is the appearance of heroes. Now you will have no problem determining where the guy and where the girl. In addition, above each mob there is an interaction button. Get acquainted, develop relationships with NPS. Perhaps soon you will even be able to start a family.


Comes alive also allows you to see what interests the residents have in Minecraft PE. Some characters even work, try to build their own business, help others. Such an algorithm is based on professions. Only now the hobbies have become more modern. For example, in the village without problems you can find a baker, a florist and a cook.


Download Comes Alive Mod

  • 0.16.0 - 1.20.32


Download Comes Alive Textures

  • 0.16.0 - 1.20.32


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