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WorldEdit for Minecraft PE

WorldEdit for Minecraft PE



Download WorldEdit for Minecraft PE on Android and let you modify your world in mobile Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) as only you want. Cut objects and afterwards paste them back in, copy and use the brush to paint with blocks on your cubic world.

Addon Features

One of the most popular mods in Minecraft, and therefore it should be installed in all users of this game. With it you will be much easier to build and destroy worlds.

All cool actions can be done with a wand, and to get it, enter the chat command /give @s wwe:wand. You can use the wand to select territories.

How to select a territory

Tap on the block to mark position 1, and hold on the phone screen to mark position 2.


You can use the brush to paint different buildings in your world. To get the brush, enter the command /give @s wwe:brush.


Download WorldEdit

  • 1.20.10


Supported versions
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