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New features and settings in quick access are only a small part of what ToolBox for Minecraft Bedrock can offer you. A detailed description for you!

How to install?

  • Download BlockLauncher and install.
  • Download the ToolBox, then install the program.
  • Log in to BlockLauncher, then enable addon support.
  • Now the ToolBox is working!

Keep track of the versions of the programs and the game itself to install everything correctly.

Description of features

The mini-card can be activated in the «Render» tab. Playing on the server, it will show other players.

An icon with a pickaxe is now always displayed on the screen. Click to open the Toolbox menu.

Already clicked on the sword? These tabs will help you customize your game.

Description of settings

Here is a description of each section of Toolbox settings. Click on the section you are interested in.


"Flying" - flight mode. In survival you can fly. If you land from a height, health is taken away.
"No-clip" - activates passing through blocks. If you stop while in the blocks, you can take damage.
"High Jump" - high jump. There are 4 levels of settings that edit the height of the jump.
"Speed" - speeds up running. You can select the speed from 4 options.
"Auto-Sprint" - automatic sprint. Now you don't need to press the walk key twice.
"No Bow SlowDown" - instant archery.
"Slow Falling" - Slow Falling. Falling from a height, the player will not take damage.
"Blink" - you can create a clone that will stay at the place of spunk.


"Bridge Builder" - sets blocks under the player if he is not on the ground.
"Chest Stealer" - with one click on a chest you can take all its contents.
"Nuke" - destroys a large territory. There are 3 settings for the size of the territory.
"Haste" - fast destruction of blocks. There are 5 speed settings.
"Force Achievements" - the player gets all the achievements in the game.
"Rapid Build" - analog of World Edit. Commands can be found in the Wiki article.
"Give Item" - gives the desired item to the inventory.
You can specify the number of items to give out.
"Enchant" - enchanting of items.

Render [X-ray+Additional Functions]

"X-ray" - shows ores through other blocks. Here you can also customize the displayed blocks.
Now the world looks like this!
"ChestESP" - displays chests through blocks.
"PlayerESP" - you can see players through walls.
"BlockTracker" - breaking one block will show the same blocks next to it.
"Free-cam" - when activated, the player stays in place, but you can fly to another location.
"FullBright" - night vision.
"ArmorHud" - opens the armor wear panel.
"HP Bars" - shows how much health the mobs and players have.
"MiniMaps" - opens a mini-map. You can customize the size of the map and the display of players.


"Add" - you can add the text of the message that will be sent to the chat room.
When you press the button, the message will be sent.


"Kill-aura" - allows you to automatically hit mobs and players.
"Attack Mobs" - activates the attack on mobs.
"Attack Player" - activates player attack.
"Interval" - the number of hits per second.

"Anti-knockback" - disables recoil when taking damage.
"Auto-Bow" - automatic bow aiming.
"Teleport to player" - teleport to the selected player.


When opened, you can select the desired feature and add it to the screen.
Now you can quickly activate the desired setting.

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