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The Wool Soldiers Addon for Minecraft PE



You can create your own army of little soldiers right now by downloading The Wool Soldiers Addon for Minecraft PE on Android. Such interesting features have already been in the game with the help of different addons, so the author decided to remind about such great features of our favorite game.

In total there will be 17 Soldiers, 6 Cavalrymen and 2 Artillerymen, who will fight each other to the death.

The small mobs can use different equipment. Naturally, Soldiers of one team will fight a team of a different color. Normal mobs will quickly dispose of the little ones, so we recommend only pitting the Soldiers against each other.

Mobs can be given a variety of items, from Sticks to Netherite, to improve their combat skills.

Zombies will also appear among the Soldiers, infecting those with less than 5 health. In addition, these mobs can mutate and become stronger.

You can use an item called The Disruptor to remove mobs.

Download The Wool Soldiers Addon

  • 1.20.40 - 1.20.60

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