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Textures: MultiPixel

Textures: MultiPixel



MultiPixel are textures for Minecraft that will improve the graphics in the game. The addition is suitable for those who prefer a classic style, but want to make small changes for a new color.

Recall that an update for the game was recently released, which changed most of the textures. The textures presented here are similar to the standard set, but in double resolution. If the usual textures have a resolution of 16×16, then the new ones have a resolution of 32×32. Try it and feel the difference yourself.

All textures are included.


The subtleties of installation

  1. Go to Global resources
  2. Click on the added textures

3. Click the wrench icon

Standard textures

New textures

Aspects of Java

Only for

  • Bamboo
  • Dried seaweed
  • Puzzle
  • Touch sensor
  • Infernal Brick
  • Water
  • Flag of the Robbers
  • Ifrit and the glowing squid
  • Sheep
  • Trident with enchantment of Tyagun
  • Horizontal deep shale
  • Map
  • Spawn Egg
  • Explosion particle
  • Nautilus particles
  • Flame Effect
  • Rain and snow
  • Fonts
  • Pop-up text
  • User Interface Colors
  • Fire smoke particles
  • Critical Impact Particles
  • Glowing squid particles
  • Skalk particles
  • Vibrating particles
  • Zombie Animations
  • Animations of villagers
  • Cracked Iron Golem
  • Explosive potion of instant damage and health
  • Creeper on fire
  • Cat Model
  • The roof model
  • Water colors
  • Rotation of the portable object
  • Controller Icons
  • Crimson Stem
  • Distorted stem
  • The Crimson Door
  • 2D fishing hook
  • Model of a firework
  • The arms of the armor rack (if there were no objects in the hand, then the hand would be invisible)
  • Piglin animation
  • Animation of a zombie piglin
  • Drowned man animation (temporarily removed)
  • Various stripes in the menu

RTX Beta

  • When using this package, ray tracing mode will be supported – the graphics will be significantly improved
  • Works only on Minecraft Windows10 RTX Beta

Changes in the new version

  • Compatible with 1.19
  • Lots of texture improvements

Download MultiPixel textures (works in 1.19) (.mcpack)


[25.72 Mb]

Download MultiPixel textures (for beta (.mcpack)


[25.34 Mb]

Download MultiPixel Textures (VDX) (.mcpack)


[771.79 Kb]

Download MultiPixel textures (chemistry) (.mcpack)


[327.15 Kb]

Download MultiPixel Textures (Java) (.zip)


[11 Mb]

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