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Textures: Hardcore Mode



What do you need for hardcore mode in Minecraft? It is necessary to have a non-standard type of hearts and the inability to be reborn. However, many assemblies still leave the opportunity to be revived one way or another: most of them have at least an observer mode. But with the textures of Hardcore Mode, this will not work: there is no way to play again.

Do not pay attention that this is a resource package, because the add-on copes with its task 100%. To do this, the rebirth button is simply removed from the death screen, and the health bar is replaced with a hardcore one. With such simple methods, the author not only introduced the hardcore mode, but also preserved all the achievements and features of the game.

Screen of Death

Kind of hearts

User in hardcore mode

To turn off natural regeneration

The game mode or difficulty level cannot be switched.

Changes in the new version

  • Compatibility with new versions
  • Fixed bugs

Download Hardcore Mode textures (.mcpack)


[20.71 Kb]

Supported versions
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