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Space.PE – Cosmic Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Space.PE – Cosmic Addon for Minecraft PE on Android and add to your game the ability to fly to other planets and space objects. Four planets are currently available, as well as new blocks, items, ores and more!


The Moon is the first available object that you can visit. To get to the Moon you will need a Lunar Telescope.

The Moon is the smallest object and consists of lunar regolith and soil. Here you can find sapphire ore, from which sapphire shards fall out.

Use the sapphire shards to create sapphire nuggets. 


Mars is much larger than the Moon and is the first planet to have a boss.

You can find him in the dungeon under the regolith and he is a huge zombie with lots of damage!

Defeat the boss to get the treasure chest. Break it and new potions, resources Heart of Red Stone resources will fall out.

The Red Stone Heart can be used to create a Station Core, which works as a beacon and gives useful effects.

Use any available Core on the station to activate the unit.

A new ore is generated on Mars ruby ore. You can use it to create a ruby sword and a drill.

To create a drill you will need ingots from meteorite ores that fall everywhere!

Rubies can be used to create the Interplanetary Tunnel, which will transport you quickly! Meteorite ingots can be used to create food tubes.


Venus is the largest object in this mod. It has volcanoes on its surface. Use the Venusian telescope to get to it.

Below the surface of Venus, you can find a dungeon with another new boss, the Skeleton! He’s a very fast shooter, but if you defeat him, you’ll get a treasure chest that contains fuel better than all the previous ones.

You can find Venus Ore here, which you can use to create a buggy.


This is the last available planet in this mod.

In the dungeon you can find a huge spider, which is a boss. Be careful, because he will constantly attack you with webs, thus slowing you down!

Find a new topaz ore and use it to create a topaz sword.

Space Zombie

This mob is a new variant of the zombie and differs only in that it appears on all planets from the mod and has 35 health.

Download Space.PE – Cosmic Addon

  • 1.16.200 - 1.17

[2.42 MB]

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