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Shaders: Kamii



Like all other shaders, the Kamii build is designed to improve the graphics in Minecraft. The author presented his own view on how exactly the graphics in the game should look like. To do this, the developer used classic techniques: beautiful tones, realistic ray physics, deep shadows and a special light reflection function. All this gave a special charm to the design. A feature of the add-on is that they can be configured for both weak and powerful devices.


  • Improved lighting and shadows
  • Improved water
  • Reflection of the sky and water
  • Beautiful sky
  • Thick fog
  • Setting Shader Quality
  • Improved color palette
  • Foliage animation
  • Updated beams

Selection of processing quality

Use 75% brightness.

Changes in the new version

  • Improved the color of the fog
  • Improved cloud rendering
  • Removed the rays from the sky
  • Improved foliage animation
  • Added the sky in the Edge dimension
  • Improved lighting and water agitation
  • Removed the excitement under water
  • Improved effects
  • Removed unnecessary elements

Download shaders Kamii (.mcpack)


    [208.86 Kb]

    Download 2 installation method (.zip)


      [208.86 Kb]

      Supported versions
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