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Shaders: EVO



EVO shaders will give a realistic look to the graphics in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is achieved by improving lighting, texture improvements, directional illumination of the sun, as well as volumetric clouds and the absence of delays.

When testing the add-on, users identified the following bugs:

  • Errors on devices with PowerVR G6200
  • Errors in working with Adreno 5XX
  • The leaves have become the main trouble for productivity
  • The rails have become 50% transparent for an unknown reason

The developer is carefully working on fixing existing bugs. The following bugs have already been fixed:

  • Fixed flickering graphics on the iOS platform
  • Fixed lighting on the iOS platform (iOS got the same lighting as on Android)
  • Improved leaf textures
  • Removed the POS_FIX function (the function has no use)
  • Fixed transparent clouds on various devices

Additional settings:

  • The settings are located in the file: /games/resource_packs/myshader/shaders/glsl/settings.h
  • #define WAVY1 – here the parameter 1 is set to enable waviness and 0 to disable this function

Recommended settings:

  • It is necessary to set the game lighting to 0 to eliminate lighting problems
  • Set the required brightness on your smartphone to eliminate gameplay problems
  • It is also recommended to wait 1 minute after loading the world so that the shaders have time to load
  • If the shader is transparent, it means that your device does not support the add-on

Screenshots with shaders:

System requirements:

  • First find out the GFLOPS parameter of your device (this is the unit used to measure the performance of smartphones) on this site. If your device is not in the list, then specify the parameter using the name of your GPU

Minimum System requirements:

  • OS: Android / IOS
  • GFLOPS: 50-130

Maximum system requirements:

  • OS: Android / IOS
  • GFLOPS: 130+

Download EVO Shaders


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