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Shaders: ESTN



Initially, ESTN shaders were developed based on SDGP textures. Later it developed into a special style that is not repeated anywhere else. To get access to the add-on, you need to switch the build settings in MCPE. Detailed information is available in the package.

The main task of the supplement will be to change colors to bright shades and saturated tones. The changes will affect the sky, the shade of clouds and the color of fog. Waves of water and rustling leaves will look even more realistic and cooler. The highlight will be the preservation of the main style of the game, which will also be improved by the hands of the developer.

Below are screenshots and additional information on the assembly.


  • Gorgeous shadows
  • Improved rendering of the sky
  • Animated water and leaves
  • Animated underwater effects
  • Updated rain view in the game
  • Atmospheric fog
  • Improved sun and moon
  • Improved lighthouse light

Changes in the new version

  • Code correction
  • Bug fixes

Download ESTN Shaders


    [13.12 Mb]

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