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Shaders: ESBE 2G



ESBE 2G shaders are designed to decorate Minecraft worlds. With new shaders, the design of the game will sparkle with new colors: it will become even more pleasant and comfortable to play. The developers have made sure that such add-ons can be used by users with weak devices, so the shaders will work even on the fifth iPhone. The add-on supports iOS, Android, Windows 10 and XBOX platforms. Enjoy fabulous views and wonderful landscapes.

Added Features:

  • Lightweight image
  • Tone map using special techniques
  • Waving leaves and water reflection
  • Sparkling stars and improved twilight
  • Beautiful clouds and lights
  • The brightness varies depending on the direction
  • The add-on is suitable for both the pocket version and the PC


  • iOS platforms
  • Android (does not work on some devices)
  • Windows10
  • XBOX (not tested)

Changes in the new version

  • Fixed a bug with water
  • Fixed colors in the rain

Download ESBE 2G Shaders


[40.14 Kb]

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