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Shaders: EB SHADER



If you are in search of beautiful shaders for Minecraft, then one of the important options will be the addition of EB SHADER. The assembly occupies a significant place among the best shaders created for the block world. Initially, the author developed shaders for his mod, but then separated the creation so that those who wish could install such beautiful textures for their worlds.


  • Realistic and beautiful sky
  • Shadows
  • Crystal clear water
  • Moving grass and foliage
  • Fog
  • Custom panorama
  • Custom pop-up messages
  • Custom Boot text
  • Brightness changed
  • Changed a lot of textures

Nature without using shaders

Nature using Shaders

Biome using shaders

Biome with the use of additional assemblies

Changes in the new version

  • Compatibility with new versions
  • Added a lot of elements

Download EB SHADER Shaders


    [13.29 Mb]

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