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Shader: Deferred Lighting



Deferred Lighting shaders are designed for Minecraft 1.18.12. The add-on introduces colored lights, as well as the ability to customize them using commands, special items or interactions.

The add-on will only work on some devices, while Windows is not supported. In addition, nothing will work from version 1.18.12, since the build does not support Render Dragon.



The interaction of objects will affect the nearest light source within 10 blocks. Holding any of these items in your hand, all light sources within 30 blocks will be displayed as billboards with light bulbs.

  • deferred:add_light — an item for creating light sources
  • deferred:remove_light — item for removing light sources
  • deferred:color_randomizer — an item for randomly changing the color of light sources
  • deferred:fog_toggle — an item for turning on the fog of light sources

Chat Commands

  • .help — shows commands
  • .col — displays the nearest light source
  • .col 100 200 300 — changes the color of the nearest light source by RGB colors = [100, 200, 300]
  • .pow 1.5 — increases the brightness of the nearest light source by 1.5
  • .add 100 0 -200 — changes the color of the light source by adding the amount to RGB = [100, 200, 300]
  • .mov — allows you to move the nearest light source

Other commands

  • /summon — allows you to create light sources
  • /scoreboard — allows you to change the parameters of each light source
  • /tag — allows you to add and remove fog
  • /event — color and fog synchronization
  • deferred:remove_light and deferred:despawn — remove
    light sources
  • deferred:remove_light — item for removing light sources
  • deferred:random_color — random color of light sources
  • deferred:switch_fog — enabling and disabling fog

Download shaders Deferred Lighting (.mcaddon)


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