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Self Defending Smart Villagers Addon for Minecraft PE



Download Self Defending Smart Addon for Minecraft PE on android and pump up your residents to the fullest!

The mod will make the inhabitants in the game much smarter. They will fight monsters, trade with Piglines, react better to the player, etc.

List of  New Moments

  • If the player picks up an Emerald, the Residents will run to trade with the player
  • Residents now have the ability to heal zombie-residents
  • Residents can now trade with Piglines.
  • Sometimes monsters will be afraid of residents
  • The blacksmith and armorer in the village will help the player create an Iron Golem.
  • Bread now have healing powers towards the villigers.
  • Resident trading with Piglin
  • Villagers now know how to exchange gold.

Download Self Defending Smart Villagers Addon

  • 1.16.101 - 1.17.11

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