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Seed: Woodland Mansion in Minecraft PE



Do you want to find a Forest mansion in the vast world of Minecraft PE, but you can’t do it? Have you already studied a huge number of maps, but the mansion has not been found? Especially for you, we publish a guide to the Forest Mansion in Minecraft PE! Now you don’t have to look for it, because on the territory of this generation you can find it near the spawn of a player in Minecraft PE. You will have to walk 100 blocks, but this is not so much, because the mansion is very easy to find, its dimensions are colossal!

How to find a Forest mansion in Minecraft PE?

Immediately after spawning in the Minecraft PE world, you need to turn right and walk until you see this huge mansion in front of you!

The Forest mansion is the largest natural structure in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, and here you can find a huge number of rooms in which there are many interesting items.

SEED: -518068014

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