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Seed: Spawn near village stronghold in Minecraft PE



Seed will allow players to sneak into the village, mine and fortress almost immediately after spawning in Minecraft Bedrock. In addition, the portal to the Edge already has 4 eyes, the player only needs to get 8 to meet the dragon.

First, let’s take a walk through the forest, as shown below:

We continue our walk through the forest.

We walk until we see the village.

We explore the village, get acquainted with the inhabitants.

Get to the gorge – the fortress is already waiting for the players.

It is easy to get into the fortress through tunnels that are already open. Please note that the residents decided to take the player on such a dangerous path.

Valuable loot from the fortress.

Finding the portal is not easy, so take a look at the coordinates in the upper left corner to simplify the search.

On the right is a chest with one eye of Ender.

You can also find a mine in the gorge.

SEED: -709919370

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