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Seed: Shipwreck On Land



Seed Shipwreck On Land for Minecraft Bedrock is a pretty interesting seed worth paying attention to. So, immediately you need to warn that you will sleep in the forest. Not very great, you might say. But immediately upon leaving the forest you will find the wreckage of a ship that sank many years ago. On the ship you will find as many as 2 chests, which contain many different items and even a treasure map. And there is a small ravine behind the ship.

You will not have any difficulties finding the ship. It will be opposite the place where you will fall asleep. So just turn around, walk along the coastline and you will find the ship.

Inside the ship you will find two chests with quite interesting items. In addition, one of the chests will contain a map that will lead you to the treasures hidden somewhere inside this map for Minecraft.

Not far from the ship you will find a small ravine.

SEED: 2025521382

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