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Seed: Pillager Outpost & 5 Villages in Minecraft PE



Do you want to discover the new features of the 1.11 update called Village And Pillage? Then use seed Pillager Outpost & 5 Villages. With the help of it, players in MCPE will spawn about five villages, which are located near three more rural areas. But this is far from the most important thing, because in addition to this, a raid of robbers awaits the players.

Initially, players will appear near a village located near the desert biome. After walking through the area, players will discover the temple. Let’s call this area village 1 and temple 1.

The next location is a deserted village, which we will call village number 2.

Right behind the village is the savannah biome, which at first glance is almost invisible. Behind this biome is the next village, which we will call village number 3.

This is not all locations. The next village at number 4 is located in the desert. We warn you right away that it is located at a considerable distance from the spawn site. By the way, there Minecraft players will find a deserted temple worth exploring (temple number 2).

The fifth village is located in the opposite direction from the first.

The last three villages (numbers 6, 7 and 8) are located quite far from the spawn site of the players, but this does not make them less important. For example, the sixth and seventh villages are desert, and the last one is a savanna village. This is a very interesting location, in which the temple is also located. Let’s call it temple number three.

Villages number 6, 7 and 8 are located close to each other, so it will be convenient for players to explore them all.

Below are the exact coordinates of each locality given above. It is worth saying that there are no coordinates for “y”, because all players know that they indicate the height and have the same values. We hope you enjoy this seed.

We hope that the players will be able to find even more villages, not just eight of them. The main thing is to continue exploring this interesting and massive terrain in search of adventure.

  • Village number 1: X:520 Z:125
  • Village number 2: X:500 Z:535
  • Village number 3: X:215 Z:495
  • Village number 4: X:100 Z:-310
  • Village number 5: X:465 Z:-265
  • Village number 6: X:-330 Z:-305
  • Village number 7: X:45 Z:-665
  • Village number 8: -275 -650
  • Temple number 1: X:315 Z:55
  • Temple number 2: X:140 Z:-370
  • Temple number 3: X:-245 Z:-695
  • Robber Raid: X:460 Z:360

SEED: -1595215875

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