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Seed: Many biomes and dungeons



To enjoy all the delights of this seed in Minecraft. Immediately after spawn, we head forward to the village of savannah. If you continue moving in this direction, you can reach the plateau of the broken savanna, which intersects with the Mesa biome. As you know, the mesa is a mountain. To the right of Mount Mesa is a desert village, in one part of which a skeleton dungeon is available. To the left of the mountain, an outpost of robbers awaits the user.

If you turn around after spawn, you can walk to the broken savanna, where a steep crater will be generated. Bee nests are available to the right of the spawn.


World map


208, 66, 4

Desert village, savannah plateau and mesa

60, 82, 500

Dungeon in the village

80, 78, 512

Outlaw Outpost

335, 63, 519

Savanna Village

170, 67, 120

Broken Savannah

180, 69, -330

A huge crater

230, 64, -380

Bee nests

-265, 70, 275

SEED: -1266956775 or BidBegPALM

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