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Seed: Incredibly Flat in Minecraft PE



The generation of a flat world attracts players with space for construction, when no landscape interferes with the construction of their own, magnificent structures at will. But the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition is cruel and merciless, so for the construction of structures you will need to dig up a bunch of blocks of earth or stone, fill a lava lake with water or cover a giant gorge. Fortunately, the community pleases seeds users, where flat worlds are available.

In this seed, the player will be greeted by a spacious plain with a sunflower biome. The expanse is limited to 20 blocks, followed by small hills. The player will spawn on a plot with sunflowers.

Spawn coordinates: 214 64 0. The plain will start right in front of the player.

Turn around after spawn and start building.

SEED: -225150131

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