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Seed: Combo biomes, two villages and an igloo



Spawn in Minecraft Bedrock is considered profitable if there is a village nearby. It is even more profitable if not only a village is nearby, but also a lot of biomes. The biggest surprise of seed is the jungle temple, which you can reach immediately after spawning in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Nearby are the jungle biomes and the ice Spikes biome. A little further from the village there is an igloo, an outpost and another hidden settlement.


Spawn in the jungle: 4244, 73, 36
Jungle Temple near Spawn: 4278, 73, 135

Village and various biomes: 3555, 70, 70

Igloo with basement: 3235, 82, 36

Hidden Village: 3222, 74, -250
Outpost: 2840, 74, 130

Sid Card

SEED: 1422186594

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