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SCP Foundation Mod for Minecraft PE

SCP Foundation Mod for Minecraft PE



The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that contains abnormal creatures. The SCP Foundation mod adds these anomalous creatures to the Minecraft world. If you are a fan of games or articles on this topic, then this add-on is for you.

Important information

  • A barrier block is used to remove the doors
  • Interaction with objects:
    – Long press: card reader, vault door, any use of keys
    – Impact: button, lever, sliding door
    – To delete, use a long press using the barrier



  • The mob does not move if the player is looking at it
  • Casts blindness to gain the ability to attack
  • Attacks players and breaks the neck
  • You can destroy a mob with a diamond pickaxe


  • The Plague Doctor
  • Infects a villager by turning into a zombie
  • When attacking a player , it imposes a desiccation effect
  • Transforms humans into a creature SCP-049-2
  • If you give him a red flower, he will become obedient


  • Health: Immortal
  • Damage: Instant death
  • Mob kills everything in its path, even its own species
  • Impossible to kill


  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: Weak
  • Looks like a little girl
  • When the player approaches the mob, he will give a guaranteed heart attack
  • If the player hits the girl, he will instantly die


  • Health: 100 units
  • Damage: 12 units
  • Eats any animal or mob
  • Able to imitate the sounds of any mob
  • Makes a loud sound when wounded
  • Does not attack a sneaking player


  • The pot with the monster from which SCP-019-2 crawls out
  • It is broken by using a diamond pickaxe or pressing a button


  • Looks like a child, but extremely dangerous
  • Fast moving speed


  • Health: 20 units
  • Makes funny noises when the player is nearby
  • A friendly mob that gives the player the effects of protection and saturation


  • Health: 5 units
  • Creepy red mob
  • Emits a loud noise when a player approaches
  • Rolls alongside and does no damage
  • Can discard the user


  • Health: 200 units
  • Looks like a little, cute bear cub
  • Non-aggressive in the initial state
  • Creates bear friends
  • After the mob creates the required number of cubs, the mob will be reborn into a giant bear that will wipe the player off the face of the earth
  • Can summon friends only if the player is far away


  • Health: 1006 units
  • Damage: 5 units
  • Overcomes any obstacles to get to the loot
  • Extremely dangerous and looks like an old man
  • A special effect appears around the mob when typing the command /function add_trail (to disable /function remove_trail)


  • Health: a lot of units
  • Damage: 10000 units
  • Kills every mob or player who looks at his face
  • Runs very fast and breaks any blocks if chasing prey


  • Giant Monkey
  • Health: 600 units
  • Damage: 10 units
  • Neutral to the user, but attacks other mobs
  • It will spawn naturally


  • Dinosaur Skeleton
  • Health: 250 units
  • Damage: 7 units
  • Creepy red mob
  • Kills people, pigs and players
  • It will spawn naturally


  • Very fast humanoid
  • Appear in groups
  • Looks like a chicken man
  • Health: 10 units
  • Damage: 3 units and poison effect
  • After death, it is reborn into an egg, from which a small humanoid hatches after 20 seconds
  • Attacks the player and people
  • It will spawn naturally

Eggs of creepy mobs.


  • The upper part of the humanoid’s body, which has holes instead of a face
  • Health: 993 units
  • Damage: 20 units
  • Huge. Kills people and users


  • An unusual pizza box
  • When hitting the pizza, the user will get a piece
  • The amount of food is infinite
  • The command /kill @e[type=entity:scp458] is used for destruction, otherwise the creature cannot be removed


  • Dangerous mix
  • Tries to pull players and mobs towards him if they are within range. Makes loud noises and also inflicts blindness, nausea, and wither. The user is unable to move.


  • swamp woman
  • Health: 150 units
  • Damage: 7 units
  • The mob is able to breathe in water. Makes disturbing sounds. Jumps to the victim and eats it


  • Looks like a normal cat
  • Health: like cats
  • Summons a rebel squad if it spots scientists


  • An ordinary box, upon impact, SCP-1762-2 fly out – paper dragons of various shades


  • Butler with a huge mouth instead of a head
  • Health: 30 units
  • Emits creepy at the door. Invisible outside the door . Becomes visible only near the door. Only works with expansion doors.


  • Eye cube in three color shades
  • An apple is used for taming
  • Health: 20 units
  • Moves very fast
  • Will hold the SCP-173 mob so that it does not attack the player.


  • A cannibal with a green skin color that attacks players and people
  • Health: 20,000 units
  • Damage: 20 units


  • Humanoid-a boy whose hands are made of an unknown metal. Extremely friendly
  • Health: Immortal
  • Damage: 10 units
  • Turns grass into dirt. Reflects all the damage to the one who attacked. Protects players from monsters, but if you hit him, he will stop defending


  • Teenage girl
  • Health: 20 units
  • Don’t let men get close to her


  • Teddy Bear
  • Activated when players or people approach
  • Heals the player and gives an apple


  • Three sisters who can change reality


  • Little dragons laying eggs
  • Friendly


  • Monster with a windigo skull


  • A cop without a face , who has tremendous power. Can only be killed with explosive weapons


  • The real devil is a nine-tailed fox that can transform into another person
  • Afraid of dogs


  • Capable of being reborn and transformed into SCP-076-1


  • Extremely fast dinosaur with a glowing head
  • Attacks in a pack


  • 3D glasses with which you can see the creepy SCP-178-1


  • Attacks, if you look at it
  • Can only be seen with SCP-178 glasses


  • Mask
  • Seizes the mind of the one who wears it


  • Super fast heart that can talk and move
  • Extremely aggressive


  • If you look at the dog, then in five minutes the player will die


  • Cyborg Child


  • A girl with a camera who knows how to move others with the camera


  • Cactus
  • Explodes when someone approaches


  • Guardian of the Forest
  • Won’t attack you unless you get close and wait for a while


  • A mannequin who hates women


  • An ordinary cat


  • A monster resembling a scorpion and capable of creating black holes


  • Heals the player
  • To get an item, use the command /give @s scp:scp500


  • The Sword of Telekilla
  • With this sword, you can kill any mob except SCP-458, SCP-682


  • The best toothbrush
  • With the help of an object, you can get any block, except for the ones that are not being mined


  • Zombie version of humans
  • They attack the player and do not burn during the day
  • Unique animation


  • D-class, scientist, researcher
  • People are running away from monsters and trying to inflict damage on enemies
  • Turn into zombies SCP-049-2 when interacting with SCP-049
  • People take guns from dead mobs to Protect Themselves
  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 1 unit

Dr. Bright

  • The developer claims that you should know who it is if you install the add-on


  • Will protect people
  • Mob attacks the target only if people are not safe
  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 10 units melee attack, ranged – 5 units

The Rebel

  • Will defend the D-class, but attack scientists and researchers
  • Mob attacks the target only if people are not safe
  • Call for helpers
  • Capable of destroying blocks
  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 15 units ranged, melee – 10 units

The Nine – tailed Fox

  • Will protect scientists and researchers in Minecraft PE, but attack D-class
  • Mob attacks the target only if people are not safe
  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 15 units ranged, melee – 10 units

Other types of soldiers

Mobs can be tamed with gold bars!

Items, blocks and structures

7 types of ordinary items and 3 SCP items:

  • Door rotator: used to rotate doors
  • Slice of Pizza: Obtained by trading with scientists, researchers, or hitting SCP-458 (pizza box)
  • P90: mined when trading with scientists
  • P90 cartridges: mined when trading with scientists
  • Empty P90: Mined when trading with scientists
  • Key Card-1: used on closed doors
  • The Hazmat suit will protect the player from SCP-053 for a short time

Blocks and doors

  • Doors: Two types of doors that can be opened by both people and users.
  • Sliding door: opens and closes by hitting the lower right side
  • Heavy door: can only be opened by controllers
  • Storage door: opens only with the key card-1 (left)
  • Domain Door: a huge door


  • Button: opens doors when pressed or hit
  • Lever: similar to a button
  • Level 3 map:
    – Level 1 – Yellow
    – Level 2 – Blue
    – Level 3 – Red



The following commands are used to receive:

  • P90: “/give @s gun:p90”
  • M4A1: “/give @s gun:m4a1”
  • M249: “/give @s gun:m249”


  • SCP-053 Drawing Table/

A chair and a computer that you can sit at.

Mob corpses


The fund will rarely spawn naturally in the game. To spawn, use the command /summon cd:facilityb1 or /function facilityb1.

The soldier camp also spawns naturally.

Chaos Base

Commands and functions

  • Key card-1: / give @a bd: keycard1
  • SCP-148: / give @a bd: telekill
  • SCP-063: / give @a bd: toothbrush
  • SCP-500: / give @a scp: scp500
  • P90: / give @a gun: p90
  • Door rotator: / give @a bd: door_rotate
  • To join one of the teams, use the following commands
    – To join the Chaos: /function chaos
    – To join the Defender: /function guard
    – To exit the command: /function leave

Changes in the new version

  • 22 new SCPs
  • Changed animation and models of many SCPs
  • Added 2 new biomes
  • More blocks, objects, sounds, furniture
  • Improved artificial intelligence of mobs
  • New faculties
  • Added weapons
  • New textures

Download the mod SCP Foundation (.mcaddon)


[16.66 Mb]

Download 2 installation method (.zip)


[16.66 Mb]

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