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OriginsPE Addon for Minecraft PE



If you want to give your cubic MC an unusual set of abilities, then you definitely need to download OriginsPE Addon for Minecraft PE on Android!

Each item gives in this mod gives the hero certain advantages, but for balance the author included negative properties. In total, the addon contains 24 new items for Minecraft PE.

How does it work?

Now right on the spawn will be located the Edge chest with all the amplifiers. There is also a book with descriptions, but it is in English and is unlikely to be useful to you. Take any item you want and start surviving.


  • Pros: constant slow fall, double jumping.
  • Cons: can’t eat meat.


  • Pros: can climb flat walls, can web creatures every 30 seconds.
  • Cons: can only eat meat.


  • Pros: permanent elitrians with the ability to jump high up every 30 seconds.
  • Minuses: double fall damage, weakness.


  • Pros: allows you to see and breathe underwater, spun with a bottle to get air on land.
  • Cons: can’t breathe air.


  • Pros: teleports randomly, natural defense.
  • Cons: can’t use helmets, slowdown.


  • Pros: creepers are scared, no fall damage, increased jump when sprinting.
  • Cons: less health, slowing and weakness in water.


  • Pros: endermen are your friends, can teleport.
  • Cons: forces you to take water damage.


  • Pros: immune to fire and lava, heals with fire and lava, shoots fireballs.
  • Cons: less health, water damage.


  • Pros: speed and invisibility.
  • Cons: burns during daytime.


  • Pros: super speed, increased jump and air damage.
  • Cons: makes you hungry quickly.


  • Pros: player shrinks instead of dying, can eat slime to grow, increased jump.
  • Minuses: weakness and hunger in small size, slowing down.


  • Pros: night vision, speed, can jump into the air and fall slowly.
  • Cons: double damage from fire and lava.


  • Pros: size is four times smaller than normal, sugar gives 6-12 seconds of speed, slime ball gives 1 second of climbing power.
  • Cons: 5 health hearts.


  • Pros: can collect pollen from flowers to create honey and can fly.
  • Cons: weakness and can’t fly in water.

Community suggestion

You need to type the /function setting command, select Community Pack #1, and then activate.


  • Pros: flies, strength, 0.7 blocks tall.
  • Cons: fast hunger when flying, does not eat meat.


  • Pros: if you stand for 8 seconds, everyone around you will get dazzle, weakness, slowdown, and miner fatigue. If crouching for 3 seconds everyone around will gain regeneration, resistance, acceleration and night vision. Every 20 seconds a positive effect is created.
  • Cons: less than 4 hearts of health, weakness and slowdown, you have to re-wait for the ability when taking damage.


  • Pros: speed 4, immune to hunger, sets enemies on fire every 30 seconds, 1.5 blocks high.
    Cons: More fall and fire damage, 7 hearts of health and weakness.


  • Pros: immune to potions, regenerates health when crouching, you can get milk from yourself.
  • Cons: weak and does not eat meat.


  • Pros: immune to damage from falling, can jump forward.
  • Cons: Does not eat meat.


  • Pros: regeneration, you can crouch and jump to heal everyone around you every 30 seconds.
  • Cons: nausea and hunger after using the ability.


  • Pros: night vision and strength in dark areas, 1.5 blocks tall, acceleration, raw meat gives more satiation.
  • Cons: eats only meat, cooked meat gives less satiation, gets miner’s fatigue, weakness and blinding in light areas, 5 hearts, can’t use shields.


  • Pros: +5 hearts, resistance, fast swimming.
  • Cons: slows down on the ground, constantly needs to eat.

Download OriginsPE Addon

  • 1.20.12, 1.20.10, 1.20.1, 1.20.0

[2.99 MB]

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