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One Block Map for Minecraft PE

One Block Map for Minecraft PE



Download One Block Map for Minecraft PE and try to start survival in Minecraft with a single block of land and get to the dragon itself. Minecraft in One Block map presents a unique survival mode in which the user will spawn on a lonely block of land. Everything will start when the player breaks the block under him.

Indeed, with a single block, the player must get everything that is necessary to kill the boss. How is this possible?

After the character breaks the block, others will appear behind him. Cube by cube, the number of blocks will steadily increase. In addition to the blocks themselves, items will also appear, depending on the stage of passage in which the player is located.

After a certain number of blocks, the user proceeds to the next stage, of which there are 10:

  • Forest
  • Cave
  • Snow Biome
  • Desert
  • Jungles
  • Ocean
  • The Lower World
  • Mansion
  • Fortress
  • Mixed

The blocks that appear depend on the phase: for example, if the player is in the forest stage, he will receive blocks of grass, wood or clay. If he is in the Lower World phase, he will receive lava, hellstone, and so on. Mobs will spawn in the same way.

At the very end, the Edge portal appears, but Ender’s eyes will be required to activate, so dial enough.

The build is considered completed if the user kills the dragon.

Expand your base and terrain.

When the phase changes, the bedrock appears.

At the beginning of the 10th stage, the Edge portal will appear.

Changes in the new version

  • Added all blocks and mobs from 1.16
  • The probability of the appearance of tree seedlings has been increased
  • The reed appears in the boxes
  • Fixed bugs
  • Creepers have been removed from caves
  • Improved functions

Download One Block Map


[1.76 Mb]

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