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One Blocco Map for Minecraft PE

One Blocco Map for Minecraft PE



Download One Blocco map for Minecraft PE on Android and add a unique map with just one block to your game. You will have to start your survival with this block. The build involves skyblock mode, in which the player tries to survive high in the clouds. Right after starting, you have to break the block you’re standing on to get random items.

How to play

Break the block you’re standing on. It is infinite and gives out different items every time. Get as many as you need and start surviving.

Expand the island and go to the dragon.

The farther the levels, the more blocks.

Be careful when mining blocks: there is always a chance of a hostile creature or TNT spawning.


  • Collect emeralds all over the world
  • At coordinates 0 1 0 you can exchange emeralds for coins
  • Coins can be spent to buy items from the vendor.

If there are any errors in the game, you can click the button as in the screenshot below to fix the errors.


Download One Blocco Map

  • 1.19 - 1.20+

[12.78 MB]

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