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Minecraft Live 2023: first news about Minecraft 1.21 update



Minecraft Live 2023 has finally passed. The developers revealed what awaits us in Minecraft 1.21. There will be unusual structures, unique mobs and much more. In addition, we learned the winner of the 2023 mob vote.

What will Minecraft 1.21 be about

Like last time, we will learn the name later. The main direction is the improvement of mechanisms and battles. Part of the features have already shown, but what else will be – we will learn later.

Voting results for mobs

In total, more than 5 million players voted. This time the winner was Armadillo, a fearful creature that is ready to quickly curl up in a ball when danger approaches. It will be used to craft Wolf Armor Shields.

The Chamber of Trials

  • A new rare construction. Details:
  • Many rooms with trials and traps
  • You can get valuable materials in Chests
  • Generated randomly
  • Main blocks – Tuff and Copper
  • Main boss – Breeze


  • Defender of the Chambers of Trials. Properties:
  • The primary opponent in the Wards of Trials
  • Fires wind projectiles
  • Projectiles deal damage on impact or blow up blocks
  • Projectiles can interact with blocks, such as Buttons, Doors, or Levers.

Challenge Spouter

  • An improved variant of the Mob Spouter.
  • Spawns one variant of monsters in a certain number of monsters
  • Rewards and number of monsters depend on the number of players
  • The surrounding blocks depend on the spouter type
  • This will help identify the monsters that appear
  • Recharges after summoning monsters
  • There will be black particles

Crafter or automatic Workbench

  • You can create things with a single button. Basic:
  • Crafts an item when a Redstone signal is received
  • To craft, you must fill the block with the right materials manually or with the Funnel
  • The materials need to be laid out in the correct order
  • For this purpose, we added the ability to block the crafting slots so that materials fall into the right places when filling with the Funnel

Copper blocks

  • Decorative elements. Main:
  • Copper lamp
  • Copper grate
  • Copper hatch
  • Copper door
  • Rimmed Copper Block
  • Oxidize over time

Wolf Armor

Protects tamed Wolves from damage. No information yet, except for crafting from Armadillo Shields

When will the first beta and releases appear for Minecraft 1.21?

Players will see the first Minecraft 1.21 betas and snapshots in a few weeks. This was announced by the creators from Mojang. Releases are expected only in 2024 in early summer.

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