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Minecraft Live 2023 Date



October is the best month of the year. Not because of Halloween at all, but because there will be a real celebration of Minecraft. On October 15, we are expecting the traditional Minecraft Live 2023, in which we will learn a lot of new things. The organizers promise that this time the celebration will be even bigger and “blockier” than ever.

If you haven’t watched the Minecraft Live before, we’ll explain everything in more detail. It is at this event that the creators of the game will be announcing all the innovations and interesting features that they will be working on for the whole of the following year. We are waiting for the details of the new Minecraft 1.21 update.

Voting for a mob
How can we do without it? Every year we choose one of three mobs that will appear on the expanses of the cubic universe. Last year’s winner was Sniffer or Sniffer, an ancient dinosaur that searches for seeds. So who will it be this year?

Voting will take place from October 13 through October 15. Like last year, you can participate in the voting straight from the game. To do this, you need your own account and login to the special server where the event is taking place. By the way, on the server you can vote longer than usual: there the choice of mob will last for 1 more day.

We are waiting for everyone at the Minecraft Live on October 15 – stock up on popcorn and expect a lot of interesting things!

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