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NB Monster Expanded Addon for Minecraft PE



Download NB Monster Expanded for Minecraft PE on Android to get access to a great themed update that changes the balance of difficulty and adds a set of new monsters, mutants and mobs to Minecraft.

Surviving in the sandbox together with the enemies that have appeared will become much more difficult. Once quiet nights will turn into a zone of active hostilities, and the extraction of resources deep underground will begin to resemble an impassable test, where every mistake leads to death.


The usual zombies in this mod have been redesigned: mobs have new textures, additional abilities and unusual characteristics depending on the spawn location.

Zombies from the jungle

A gray-green mob with glowing eyes and a bandage hanging from his belt.

Swamp Zombie

The inhabitants of swampy swamps are almost indistinguishable from their counterparts from the jungle: the same glowing eyes and a similar bandage.

Snow Zombie

Black and gray lurks in the middle of snow-covered rocks and vaguely resembles walkers from the famous TV series “Game of Thrones”.

Big zombie

A real mutant, squeezed into steel armor. A large zombie is able to easily break the spine of a gawking traveler and tear apart even trained adventurers.


Skeletons have been redesigned according to a similar scenario to zombies: new textures, additional abilities and habitats.

A skeleton from the jungle

A familiar mob with green knuckles and a cheeky gray smile.

The Desert Skeleton

Deserts in Minecraft have turned skeletons into real ragamuffins, barely able to cover the body with an old shirt and a torn cap.

Swamp Skeleton

A defender of the swamps, overgrown with moss and strongly resembling the same zombie.


The creeper appears in the Minecraft world in the NB Monster Expanded Update modification in several new variations.

Creeper from the jungle

A greenish mob with randomly generated textures resembling a cross between moss and fallen leaves.

Desert Creeper

A gray creeper consisting of fine sand particles.

Mountain Creeper

A bright orange mob that easily merges with the surroundings. A creeper in a mountainous area always attacks unexpectedly.

Snow Creeper

An icy or snow-covered creeper from afar resembles a huge icicle. And at close range it turns into a hissing stick of dynamite.


The updated spiders are much more dangerous than the standard arachnids from Minecraft. Such opponents attack unexpectedly, and at the same time impose new negative effects.

Spiders from the jungle

A green spider overgrown with mushrooms and strange plants. When attacking, the mob infects the target with a poison that deals damage for 5 seconds.

Sand Spider

Sand spiders appear only in deserts and on wastelands scorched by the sun. Such opponents also deal poison damage.

Mountain Spider

Bright orange spiders merge with the environment, attack unexpectedly and instantly infect the target with poison.

Swamp Spider

A new version of the spider, similar to the inhabitant of the jungle. The mob is aggressive and hits the target with poison.

Snow-covered Spider

Ice spiders slow down the target for 7 seconds and continue to attack until they deal with the offender.


There are not too many additional opponents in the modification, but the developers are already working on innovations.

Mutated zombies

Zombies, crossed with minerals and minerals, cause additional damage, send and blind the target, and at the same time hide near ore veins and geodes.

Infected Stone zombie

HP: 40
Damage: 8

Infected zombie

HP: 35
Damage: 8

Infected zombie miner

HP: 35
Damage: 8

Infected by jungle zombies

HP: 35
Damage: 8

Infected Swamp Zombie

HP: 35
Damage: 8

Infected Snow Zombie

HP: 35
Damage: 8


Termites are neutral mobs found in different parts of non–snow-covered biomes. Termites do not attack those who wander nearby unnecessarily, but when faced with danger, they immediately engage in battle.

HP: 10. Explosion damage: 2

After death, the termite leaves explosive powder


Additionally, the modification includes a set of resources and items

A bottle with an explosive mixture

It is collected from powder (or gunpowder) and an empty bottle.

Flint Shard

Explosive stuff

It is assembled from a flint fragment, explosive powder, gunpowder and a prepared bottle with an explosive mixture. After the roll, it deals damage in a small radius. The “explosive thing” is even capable of breaking some blocks.

A small explosive thing

The object is assembled from a flint fragment, explosive powder and a prepared bottle. The recipe does not include gunpowder, and therefore a small explosive thing does not destroy the blocks around.


Download NB Monster Expanded Behavior Pack

  • 1.19.40, 1.19.30, 1.19.20, 1.19.10, 1.19

[180.72 KB]

Download NB Monster Expanded Resource Pack

  • 1.19.40, 1.19.30, 1.19.20, 1.19.10, 1.19

[814.51 KB]

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