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Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE



Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE on Android and set out to conquer the cubic world, armed with the best techniques of the popular manga and become the strongest shinobi.

What will Naruto Mod add to Minecraft PE?

This mod is something that many Minecraft PE players have been waiting for. After downloading it Steve will witness the appearance of a variety of characters, as well as items from the famous manga.

This is one of the most elaborate mods in anime-style. Naruto Mod adds to Minecraft PE a variety of creatures that can reincarnate in human form.

There appear as many as nine creatures, more than thirty new chakras and many more interesting items and chips. To deal with all the Biju from Naruto, players must try on the guise of Jinchuuriki.


The central element of the Naruto mod is chakra. Here we can note three levels: nano, regular chakra and giga. To move from one level to another, you need to defeat a ninja.

Also important will be getting the curse of hatred. To get it, you need to tame the wolf and then finish him off. After death he will bestow the curse on the player.

A very important role in gameplay is played by such a thing as Ryo. Thanks to Ryo you will be able to buy Onigiri, Dangos and other “goodies”. Ryo will also be suitable for buying special weapons Tenten, which boasts an extremely rich assortment.

In this mod players will find many items from the much-loved manga and anime; they will be able to master the best techniques, add more than 50 different modes to the blocky world and find plenty of jutsu.


Download Naruto Mod Behavior Pack (BP)

  • 1.18.12+

[925.01 KB]

Download Naruto Mod Repository Pack (RP)

  • 1.18.12+

[60.07 MB]

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