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Mystic Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE

Mystic Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE



If you are a fan of powerful and unusual weapons, then you should definitely download Mystic Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE on Android. In total, several categories will be available these are magic staffs, unique swords and powerful axes. All weapons have their own skills and magical abilities, which will depend on the material of manufacture.

To create magical weapons you will need to get certain items elemental stones. They are very difficult to find and very rare, to get them you need to find a traveling merchant, find new rare structures or go to war with hordes of monsters. In the standard chests located in the villages to find the coveted stones will not be able to find. Once you have obtained the coveted items, you can start creating new weapons:

  • Staffs powerful and striking from afar. With their help you can create unimaginable things, for example, to raise the undead, forcing them to fight on your side, transfer in space, strike lightning or lift all enemies in the air. The only downside is the fragility of these weapons, but any staff can be enchanted for durability if desired.

  • Swords are mystical melee weapons that deal devastating damage. All swords have unique abilities. Depending on the type of weapon you choose, you can set enemies on fire with each blow, slow them down, heal them, toss them into the air, and more. New items can be enchanted with any of the classic enchantments for standard swords.

  • Axes are powerful weapons with even more damage and durability compared to swords, but the abilities are slightly weaker. You will be able to poison enemies, move faster, slow everything around you, and more.

All crafted items are allowed to be repaired in the forge. When using a magic weapon, it loses 1 unit of durability each time. Get at your disposal a new weapon can be now, it remains only to download the mod Mystic Weapon and get elemental stones. The add-on has not only weapons, but also mystic armor, which has a different appearance and effects.


Download Mystic Weapon Mod

  • 1.20.50

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Download Mystic Weapon Mod (Textures)

  • 1.20.50

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