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More Tools Addon for Minecraft PE

More Tools Addon for Minecraft PE



Download More Tools mod for Minecraft on Android and dabble in a huge amount of gear, weapons and armor. The last update in the field of tools and equipment from the developers themselves was the addition of netherite and all the attached crafting. However, this modification will offer you a truly impressive selection of gear.

more tools addon

All of it is crafted according to the usual scheme for all players in the usual workbench, but now it can also be upgraded in the improved version of the workbench. It is worth starting with the fact that, first of all, you will have 6 new types of armor at your disposal, namely equipment made of redstone, lapis lazuli, quartz, emerald, as well as enderite and steel, two new ores. The first can be mined in the Edge dimension and then smelted into ingots on the principle of iron ore. Steel is a bit easier to mine, because you don’t need anything but coal, iron and a furnace.

Secondly, you will be able to familiarize yourself with new weapons, such as hammer, scythe, leviathan axe and battle axe. It is worth noting that some types of both armor and weapons have interesting features. For example, the enderite armor has resistance to being thrown, and among the hammers there is one that requires the star of Nether, which can summon lightning and is called the hammer of Thor.

Scythes, on the other hand, have the same functions as hoes, but that does not negate the considerable damage they can do. If the diamond sword from the vanilla version of Minecraft PE deals 7 units of damage, then, for example, the lapis lazuli scythe deals 12 units of damage.

In addition to the undoubtedly useful things, the More Tools addon also contains some pretty funny moments, such as crafting iron swords with carrots, cookies, potatoes, pork and even sweet berries. Potatoes and pork can even be cooked by sticking an iron sword with these ingredients in the oven.

More Tools Addon

Crafts that require the aforementioned improved workbench include crafting new apples. They can be made from a number of ores that players are already used to (such as emerald, diamond, quartz or redstone), as well as new ones (enderite and steel). Enchanted apples correspond to the crafting of regular apples, but instead of ingots you need to use blocks.

Surprisingly, but gear, equipment and apples that help in battle are not the only things that this modification adds. There is also room for new food and even decorations. If you find the idea of diversifying the contents of your armory and even your food chest interesting, then you should download More Tools.

More Tools Addon Behavior Pack

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More Tools Addon Resource Pack

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