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Mod: yCreatures Savanna

Mod: yCreatures Savanna



Super cool and incredibly large-scale update for Minecraft PE – mod yCreatures Savanna. The supplement includes more than 100 species of animals. More than a hundred new mobs that will surround the user in the game. Some mobs are pretty cute, and some will try to enjoy exotic food as soon as possible in the form of a player. Each animal received unique textures, behavior and model.

Secret Temple

  • Lots of treasures
  • You can always find a temple in savannah


  • Spawn only near temples
  • Attack every treasure lover
  • You can squat so that mobs don’t attack you
  • Hunting leopards
  • Domestication: wild flowering grass


More than 6 types and 20 types of animations. They can climb trees and smell enemies. Raw beef is used for domestication. A tamed leopard can be called Clipped Nails so that it does not climb trees or walls. Their eyes are burning in the dark. You can’t run away from the mob.

African anteaters

Tamed animals that live in the savanna. They like to eat termites and clean their nests, and then have a good sleep.


Aggressive mobs that eat termites. If you make a bait from a termite, you can tame a mob.


They know how to curl up into a ball and roll. At this point, they take no damage and destroy everything in their path. Can be tamed with termite bait.

Honey Badger

A very brave animal, capable of hunting almost anything, but especially snakes and small birds. It is tamed by honey combs.


Small insects that will amicably extinguish anyone who attacks their termite mounds. They leave their eggs on gnawed baobabs, which then turn into termites.


Savannas are constantly circling in the sky and waiting for small prey. There are 2 types available: African black and African fish eagle. They hunt even underwater. Drop feathers, which are recommended to collect.

Eaglets are sitting on giant baobabs. Use eagle feathers on the eggs to make them hatch. After hatching, use salmon or meat to feed the chick. After that you will get a tame eagle.


They are neutral, so you should not touch them. You can tame a watermelon and use it as a means of transportation. Ostriches are fast and jump high. Children are afraid of everything, so when enemies approach, they hide their heads in the ground. They lay eggs.

African Stork

Eats almost everything, but is tamed only by salmon. Lays eggs.

Lionesses and Lions

Extremely fast and dangerous. You can tame it with meat. They will eat meat falling from mobs.

A rather rare species of albinos, from which the savanna disc falls out.


Extremely fast, which means you won’t be able to escape from them. They are tamed with raw mutton or chicken

The Nile Crocodile

They are aggressive to any animal except their own kind. Hippos and turtles are never touched. They lay 4 eggs during breeding, from which small crocodiles hatch after a while. They are tamed by salmon.


The most timid animals that will run away or hide in their shell. They are slow and lay eggs. They are tamed by salmon.

Monitor Lizards

Fast mobs that apply poison. They break eggs on their way. They lay eggs and are tamed with raw rabbit meat.


Extremely poisonous creatures capable of spitting poison. Eggs fall out at death. They can be tamed with a raw rabbit.


Similar to cobras, but do not spit.


They don’t spare anyone, they kill and eat scraps. They are tamed with raw mutton.

Wild dogs

They are quite timid, but they can also attack. Collect the bones left by their prey. They are tamed with rabbit meat.


The largest land animal. The mob received unique animations and high detail. You can ride them on horseback. Tamed by cake. You can give them leaves or water.


The player has to divide the watermelon into parts, but the hippo can eat them in one bite. Therefore, domestication takes place with the help of a watermelon.


Do not approach, otherwise there is a risk of flying dozens of blocks back. If you suddenly find yourself nearby, then try to give apples to the mob.


Tall animals tamed by leaves are especially fond of acacias.

Other herbivores

Avoid both players and predators. If they have horns, they will attack the player. Fast and intelligent creatures. Constantly sniffing the ground. There are many types available. They are tamed with hay.

Baobab wood

Wood becomes infected when termites appear there. Termites can be extracted from infected wood. There are also baobab branches, from which muqua fruits are extracted. They can be mined and eaten to get seeds that can be used to treat mobs.


New stones appearing in the savannah.

Unoccupied termite nests may be occupied by termites. Termites sometimes come out of their nests and collect sawdust, and you can take these sawdust and use it for breeding animals.


There are many useful items available. For example, the Loyalty Medal is used to make animals follow you. The habitat medal allows you to keep the mob in one place: the animal will think that this is its home. Zebra camouflage can be used to get closer to antelopes.

Generating the world

Changes in the new version

  • Compatibility with new versions
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added recipes
  • Added mobs
  • Added temples
  • Added blocks
  • Changed items and generation

Download the mod yCreatures (.mcpack)


[873.98 Kb]

Download textures for yCreatures mod (.mcpack)


[9.07 Mb]

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