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True Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft PE

True Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft PE



The True Zombie Apocalypse mod is designed to give the feeling of a real apocalypse in the world of Minecraft for every user. The author was inspired by various games, movies and even TV series when developing this build. Survival in such a world will be incredibly difficult, so prepare for it properly. Every 24 game days, zombies will increase, and the number will grow. So far, there are 4 types of zombies available that will haunt players.

How does it work?

  • Spawn: The frequency of zombie spawn has been increased, and all other mobs have been reduced. You can still collect the necessary elements, but you will always have to deal with the living dead
  • Hordes of zombies: wherever there is a zombie, if it is in sight, then the mob will definitely start chasing the player. Thus, the hero will be followed by huge crowds of monsters
  • Mutation: Every 24 days zombies improve their characteristics. This happens only five times, after which they will be in the last stage of development. The function is made to improve gameplay and complicate survival
  • Loot from zombies: less rotten flesh falls from monsters, but more useful things. For example, arrows, coal, chicken and much more. There is also a small chance of dropping enchanted iron and diamond armor
  • Equipment: sometimes zombies spawn with equipment, and less often – with iron or even diamond armor

Zombie Mutant

  • Mutates only three times
  • The boss who spawns less often than the others

Glowing zombie Eyes

Charged Zombies

  • Spawns less often than usual
  • Faster than the others
  • Can climb walls
  • When hit, it disorients the player
  • Health: 16 units
  • Attack: 5 units
  • Speed: 31 units

Master of the Horde

  • An enlarged, enhanced, but slow version of the zombie
  • Can slow down the player
  • Health: 100 units
  • Attack: 9 units
  • Speed: 18 units


Improved Zombies

  • Slower, but stronger than normal zombies
  • Spawns less often
  • Health: 25 units
  • Attack: 6 units
  • Speed: 20 units

Ordinary zombies

  • The characteristics are reduced, but the quantity is increased
  • When mutated, they will be a formidable weapon
  • Spawns less often
  • Health: 13 units
  • Attack: 2 units
  • Speed: 20 units

Changes in the new version

  • Compatible with 1.19
  • Added zombies throwing TNT
  • Fixed bugs

Download the mod True Zombie Apocalypse (.mcpack)


    [1.52 Mb]

    Download textures for fashion True Zombie Apocalypse (.mcpack)


      [1.68 Mb]

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