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Mod: Siren Head



If you are one of those people who love creepy and scary things in Minecraft, then the Siren Head mod is exactly for you. The addition includes a new, extremely powerful boss who is not only strong, but also disgustingly terrible.

The character was invented by artist Trevor Henderson, after which the new creature found life in many other games, pictures or videos.

The boss is really extremely tall – about 17 blocks in height.

Boss Functions:

  • Health: 8000 units
  • Damage: 20 units
  • Hostile to players and villagers
  • Discards when attacking
  • Can raise mobs or players and throw
  • Makes a sound
  • Changes the skin in the night
  • It is extremely rare to spawn in the taiga biome at night
  • The boss, despite his tall stature, is hard to notice at night
  • The only way to kill a mob is ranged combat

We warn you: the mob makes heart-rending sounds, so those who suffer from heart disease are not recommended to install the addon.

The siren went on the hunt for players and residents.

Cartoon cat

Despite its unusual appearance, the mob will be the most creepy and unpleasant creature in the whole blocky world. He knows how to do things that no mob does. In no case do not spawn this creature. The mob will appear in caves. Often uses scrimmers to scare the user. It is able to change its size and jump on the user.


Fog will also appear in the game, which can block the user’s view. It’s unpleasant, but it adds even more emotions when fighting bosses.

A couple of types of armor for the player.

An extremely powerful sword capable of killing any creature.

Changes in the new version

  • New abilities for mobs
  • New models
  • New sounds and animations
  • New items
  • New secrets

Download the mod Siren Head (.mcaddon)


[8.75 Mb]

Download 2 installation method (.zip)


[8.75 Mb]

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